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Carpe Diem Records is Franklin's original record shop. Boasting a diverse collection of vintage records, Carpe Diem embodies a collaboration between music and strange, southern art force. Inspired by local folk legends and the soulful blues of the Mississippi Delta, you can find a certain grit here that feels like home.

Next door you can find the Legendary Kimbro's Pickin' Parlor. Kimbro's provides some of the best local music and blues pickers around, with a full bar and home cooked meals to boot. You'll be met with live music Monday-Friday, and welcomed by a community of music lovers and artists.

Come check us out for records, and hang around for the music and friends.


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Vintage Records

We host a massive collection of vintage records ranging from jazz classics, the best of 70's Rock, country heroes, and smooth R&B tracks, as well as some obscure collector classics. Come in store or shop online today!


Live Music

Next door is the legendary Kimbro's Pickin' Parlor, where you can find the best of local musicians and blues jams every weekend. Join us for a drink and a listen.



Carpe Diem's proprietor, Will Jordan, is a talented and accomplished photographer. His style is a representation of the life he has lived in music art. Contact him today for your photo inquiries.

Feels like home.
— Attendee